cherry blossoms in mid-March?

Haiku for today:

drifting gently, forced

by summer temps to display

premature glory

~ ~ ~

Summer in mid-March.

Somehow disturbing…

Slow-motion fast-forwarded = Walking around downtown today, hour by hour you could see visible unfurling of leaves, buds.  Decidedly odd.


haiku for today:

bulge, bluster, blunder 

marching to the tune of go

sewing future seams

~ ~ ~

Remember the story of the little train that could?

Yes, you can.

YES, you can.

Yes, YOU can.

Yes, you CAN.

Yes you can.

You can.



~ ~ ~

Remember Monopoly?


~ ~ ~

Random late evening thoughts, which may make sense only to moi.




~ ~ ~

Today was a better day.

lunar tug-of-war

haiku for today:

lunar tug of war 

parallel universes

collide in my mind

~ ~ ~

Staring at the full moon I feel cosmic energy, feel as if my pulse is shared by some ‘something’ out there…

I feel these waves, waves of soothe and torment, soothe and torment, and the grit left behind to mull over needles me like the sand used to inside my bathing suit after a day on the beach.

Does the moon do that to you, too?

melting aliens

haiku tribute to today:

melting alien

(snow creature) greets daffodils

who welcomes you home?

~ ~ ~

sunshine, blue skies, birds singing  — but — overload of work, stuffed head, insufficient sleep

fun surprises from friends, fun posts on LEWWP — but — sad news from others, dishes piled high near the sink

Balancing ~

My three words for the year:   try    trust    treasure

I try.   [and yet there is no respite from this challenge…]

I trust that I will find a better balance.

I treasure each moment of life that brings a smile, try to seek them frequently, and trust they’ll be within my field of vision, within my mind’s reach.


The title of this post does have a story!

March 1 ~ the new first day of summer in Central VA?

haiku for today:

windows down, picnics!

sunburns, bubble-blowing, shorts!

ecstasy or fear?

~ ~ ~

Tzatziki sauce from Cavalier Diner is divine!

We stopped by today to buy some, and there was a huge bouquet of daffodils on the counter.

The delicate fragrance wafting past our noses certainly enhanced our experience.

Eggs Florentine, daffodils, tzatziki sauce, 73 degree weather, quality time with my husband —

all on the first of March!

Unexpected joys these were — and enjoyed they were, too!

pot roast!

haiku for the day:

aroma uplift

garlic, onions, beef, spices

daffodils outdoors

~ ~ ~

It’s February.

It should be perfect weather for a pot roast.

Luckily for us, pot roast sounds delicious anytime!

How do you prepare potroast?

I started with a large deep pot, a little olive oil, burner set at medium-high.

  • seared all the sides and edges of the roast
  • added slices of garlic and halved onions to the pot and browned them, too
  • added potatoes (peeled and quartered), browned them, too
  • added carrots
  • bay leaves, parsley, paprika, black pepper, and a bit of mixed steak seasonings
  • flour sprinkled over all
  • 2 cups of water
  • 2 hours of simmering


~ ~

But the weather was decidedly not wintry!

It was actually warm enough, sunny enough that we sat outdoors at the picnic table for a bit after walking and working in the yard!

I’m not accustomed to picking flowers, sniffing daffodils and preparing pot roast all on the same day.

Not a bad experience, just a different experience.

Seasonal favorites all mumbo-jumbo…