Job history

January 9, 2012

During a tutoring session earlier today, an adult learner asked me, “Holly, how many jobs have you had (altogether)?  And I used the opportunity to start a timeline — and a quick outline of all the jobs I could remember, full-time and part-time.  The ensuing discussion led to new vocabulary for them, and they they recalled more jobs that they’d forgotten about.

Do you know how many jobs you’ve ever had?

A list of ALL the paying jobs I have had (all that I can remember)

  • babysitting, NJ, primarily one family with three children, one always in diapers!
  • W. T. Grant (anyone remember that Five-and-Dime chain store?), NJ, candy counter ~ loved those chocolate-covered orange and raspberry rings!
  • Trenton State Office Building, NJ,  file clerk for NJ Government
  • McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, NJ, three clerical positions
  • waitress, NJ, lasted only three days (tried it as a second job while working at McGraw-Hill)
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance Co., Syracuse, NY, claims representative, supervisor, claims adjustor
  • Alexander & Alexander, NY, workers compensation supervisor
  • Affordable Flowers, NY, partner, 1/2 owner of retail floral shop
  • Mom! (daughter born 1985)
  • ‘Tis the Season Flowers & Gifts, NY, sole proprietorship (sold my 1/2 of Affordable Flowers and later started my own smaller shop — adhering to no-compete restrictions I’d agreed to)
  • Teaching Assistant, NY, several classrooms, sometimes volunteer, sometimes paid
  • State Farm Insurance Agencies (Bill Meyer and later Paul Seymour), NY
  • 2 different floral shops, NY, part-time seasonal help (after I’d closed my flower shop)
  • ____ (forget the name of the business), NY, rehired by Alexander & Alexander boss to work temporary part-time in a new venture he’d started
  • Substitute Classroom Teacher, NY, K-12 (during and after I completed my degree, SUNY Oswego, 1998) = Syracuse City Schools, Grant Middle School, Mexico Middle School, Mexico High School
  • Walker Upper Elementary School, VA,
  • Whole Foods Market, VA, floral shop supervisor
  • University of Virginia, Program Assistant for the Dean of the Office of African-American Affairs
  • Substitute temp work for University of Virginia, Admissions, Women’s Studies
  • CYFS (Children, Youth, & Family Services), VA, part-time, temporary, special projects
  • flower shop, part-time seasonal help, VA
  • Charlottesville City Schools Adult Learning Center, VA, GED, ESOL, Civics, Writing, Conversation, Workplace, and many classes (Instructor), Volunteer Coordinator, Distance Learning Coordinator
  • Agnor-Hurt Elementary School, Albemarle County Schools, VA, part-time Elementary ESOL teacher
  • Visiting Professor, The Catholic University of Korea, (Bucheon, South Korea)
  • Adjunct Professor, Piedmont Virginia Community College, VA (one summer, temporary)
  • Private Tutor, in person and online, VA (and from VA)
  • Global English Corporation (, Site Consultant and Lead Teacher
  • Learn English With A World-Wide Perspective, Founder, Site Administrator, Lead Facilitator, Online Community Manager for Learn English With a WorldWide Perspective (LEWWWP), [Dec., 2011 through Dec. 2016]
  • this is a reasonably complete list — 29 and counting!
*add note re: Aug. 10, 2006 total loss house fire destroyed all records

Your reactions, questions, suggestions welcome ~

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