Nudgemail, caffeine, haiku


Just the day before yesterday (very late at night, close to midnight!) I posted that I would try to not miss a day for haiku —

and then I missed yesterday!

haiku for January 5th and 6th:

morning dew? frost?  what

constitutes aviary

daily “caffeine” treats?

~ ~ ~

aspirin Rx

homeopathic headache

remedy equals _____?

~ ~ ~

Do you know this service?

Otherwise known as (in my book) Lifesavers! — Management tool numero uno — fantastic! — greatly appreciated.

A very handy service; check them out and tell me if you don’t agree?

I learned of them through the prolific writer / sharer / many-things-man Chris Brogan a year ago.  I didn’t use Nudgemail much for awhile, but in recent weeks am learning to appreciate it more and more.

Rather than blather on about my experience, I would rather you check it out. It is one of the simplest tools I know of but also one that is easing my life, my time management, my to-do follow-ups, and more.

Hope you’ll find it useful, too.


Was your Christmas wish “bring springtime”?

haiku for today:

warm. foggy, balmy!

four days before Santa flies 

in tee-shirt and shorts?

~ ~ ~

I hereby resolve…

Are you drafting your list of resolutions?

Recent news has pushed me to make some changes to my list — as each year wanes, I rather enjoy the exercise of evaluating where I’ve been, what’s been accomplished (and not), reflecting upon new skills practiced, new competencies mastered.


For the past few years I’ve enjoyed attempting Chris Brogan’s three word idea.

So soon I’ll be posting my three words for 2012.