shiny clean floors (simple pleasures)

haiku for the day:

sweep, vacuum, scrub, shine

robins party in the yard

sun streams, dust motes, smiles

~ ~ ~

A busy day for me inside, a busy day for the birds outdoors.

This ‘winter’ has been so odd.¬† Flowers, robins, spring-like birdsong began in late January.

There have been many days when a sweater or light jacket was sufficient, many days when the windows were open for several hours of fresh air.

Nice, but odd.

“Spring cleaning” in February!

~ ~ ~

Random aside: I splurged and purchased a bunch of assorted eucalyptus today — will share them with my mom ūüôā


stink bug rebellion

haiku for today:

No matter which way

 winds blow, sun shines, or rain falls,

stink bugs celebrate!

~ ~ ~

Make them stop!

Whirligig flying patterns ~  zip!  zoom!  za!

The stink bugs greet me (they are quite friendly).

I wish they’d find a new friend.

They seem quite literary; our bookshelves are among their favorite places.

They creep around the window and door frames ~ crawling, flying, ‘just hanging’, buzzing, flitting to and fro.

They like to plop into my glasses of water (I find this quite disgusting!).


I wonder what they think of me?

barometers, barometric pressures

haiku for today:

sky strobe whirligigs

birds flying, firework arcs spray

 unrest at sunset

~ ~ ~

Odd day.

Walking to pick up the paper it was warm (warm!) at 7 a.m.

[It’s February, mind you.]

There are moths and other insects flying here and there.

[It’s February, I remind myself.]

Crocus and dandelions bloom near the mailbox.

[It’s February; this is really weird.]

An hour later, it rains.

Soon after that, the sun shines.

This afternoon, thunder and lightning… in February!!!

Later today, more sun, more warmth, strong winds.

At sunset, stronger winds and strange bird behavior.

Very odd day.


haiku for the day:

gray, white, silvery

snipped tips,  evidence scattered

post-it notes of age

~ ~ ~

Overdue for a haircut, I stopped this afternoon for a trim.

Against the backdrop of the black cloth draped over me, the hair showering down from each ‘snip’ of the scissors looked as if it were from someone else’s head. Surely those gray, white, silvery bits were not from me?

But alas! Each month’s haircut the silvery threads increase!

I don’t notice them so much in my once-blonde (but nevermore) reflection in the mirror each day.

Silver is a fine color.


haiku for today:

backtrack, fast forward

through self improvement rewind

skunk cabbage bouquets

~ ~ ~

FYI: ¬†skunk cabbages populating the woods, down the hill from our driveway — are cherished imprints of my childhood.


haiku for today:

crumbly raisin scones

smiling circle, friendly pooch

global Skype chat: treats!

~ ~ ~

Valentine’s Day then,

Valentine’s Day now,

Special then,

Special now,

but for such very different reasons!

Hope you enjoyed your day~

Squirrel talk, Valentines, and haiku!

haiku for today:

remorseful wooing 

 window pane exposes truths

seasonal unrest

~ ~ ~

Oh, no! ¬†It’s been days since I posted!

My resolve is strong as ever, but my time management priorities had temporarily shifted.

I’m back again.


Daily posts to resume, effective today.  [I hope!]

Happy Valentine’s Day to the world — the world could use a bit more loving.

Do you suppose squirrels celebrate holidays?

Maybe this guy/gal was trying to invite rather than deter me?

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