Hello world!




…My three words for 2012, are still going strong…

swirling in circles!

Life is full — of friends, family, challenges, joys, sorrows, time-management pressures.

As I have blogged about before and likely will again, LEWWP consumes many hours of most of my days.

Aging parents and associated issues there consume many hours a week, too.

Interconnecting and separated circles of responsibilities, self-care, professional development, start-up-related must-dos, mundane daily routines, friends, flowers, and more make for rarely a dull moment!

Online communication has become the largest circle in my life.

Is that a positive?  Yes.  Most of the time my answer is an emphatic YES.

The photo above has a lot of meaning for me, and it is my selected artifact for a course I am presently enrolled in, a course titled “Facilitating Online Learning.”

We have an assignment to post an artifact.

As I understand this assignment, this is my chosen artifact.

Circles, interacting, separating, coming together again, overlapping, fading, growing stronger, expanding, shrinking, expanding again, multiplying, re-connecting, bouncing, rolling with the punches = 


Google+ Circles

As these circles interconnect, their circumference lines bump and meld = personal, professional, private, open.

The roles I take on, the hats I wear, morph:   administrator, friend, learner, founder, facilitator, wife, mother, daughter, neighbor, gardener, professional, amateur, consumer, proprietor, credentialed, credentialer, taxpayer, community advocate, global citizen advocate, traveler, work-at-home, online community manager, more.

As I try, and trust, and treasure, the circles of my life bobble like bubbles, gently nudging one another out of the way, sometimes merging to form one larger circle, sometimes dividing into so many tiny bubbles/circles that I feel like a hopeless juggler!

The more I try, the more treasures I appreciate.  The more treasures I appreciate (and these treasures come in many forms, tangible and intangible), the more I am able to trust.

~ ~ ~

Lest you think I forgot…

Haiku for today: June 9, 2012

Life’s loop-de-loops spin,

hover, drop, enlarge, tease, pop

certain circles Venn


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