twists and turns, slips and slides, bumps and lumps…

haiku of the day ~ Dec. 1, 2011

Have you ever studied a squirrel’s movements and antics, a squirrel’s daily habits?

Squirrels are infamous for scampering to and fro, for their enthusiasm and persistency, their inquisitive nature, their friendliness.

Today, as I reviewed the Myers Briggs personality descriptors, and glanced outdoors at the squirrels, the thought occurred to me that we may both (the squirrel I was watching, and I) be ENFP.

Through life’s twists and turns, lumps and bumps, slips and slides, ups and downs, moves and grooves,* I’ve remained an ENFP through and through.

*Have you ever noticed how many common expressions there are with similar meanings, some rhyming, some opposites — all connected by the word ‘and’?

twists and turns

bumps and lumps

slips and slides

ins and outs

moves and grooves,

ups and downs

Can you think of more?

~ ~ ~

As I continue to push myself to write a daily haiku, to ‘play’ with different ways to use this blog space, my tangential tendencies are apparent.  But life is fun this way (for me, anyway). Spontaneity, eclectic interests and activities, intergenerational and intercultural gatherings all appeal to me.

Focus, particularly consistent focus has long been a challenge for me.

Several passions (and compassions) have remained true to the ‘essence’ of who I am, but oh, the tangents!

So where do I find my niche?

Writing a haiku every day is becoming a pleasant habit, but is not yet leading to a focused idea for developing my own ‘blog identity’.  I do want to write some longer, researched, well-developed posts, so do not want a ‘haiku-only’ blog / blog ID.

Until I feel it out, I’ll continue to experiment. Onward and upward, ho!