bird seed, leaf blowers, firewood

haiku for the day:

flurry to feet up

squirrels’ playful antics rouse

thoughts of leftovers

~ ~ ~

After a pleasant Thanksgiving and rather exhausting preparations for same, today has been enjoyably less hectic.

Although I did work a bit (facilitated three classes online), most around-the-home work was done at a more leisurely pace — dishes to wash, dry, put away; holiday decorating begun; some online shopping; refilling of the bird feeders and reordering of bird seed; lots of leftovers made for easy meals and several packages sent to the freezer for future indulgence; our new leaf blower tested (lots more piles ready for the shredder); some emails attended to; firewood stacked on the porch.

Bird seed: to buy or not to buy?  I love watching the birds flit to and from the birdfeeders.  I do not love paying as much as I presently pay for bird seed.  I price check (online and locally) and watch for specials — shipping makes such a huge difference, and so far not too many discoveries using Amazon Prime or ‘free shipping’ offers.  I buy in large quantities and mix my own blend of seeds (much better quality that way, so many of the blends sold are so heavy on millet that they are not cost-sensible, at least not in my opinion).

Any suggestions? Any tricks you’ve learned to keep wildlife / bird feeding within your budget?

Thanksgiving yummmmm!


Happy Thanksgiving wishes to the world!

haiku for the day:

gardens pleased as punch

puffs of warm golden yeast rolls

gratitude harvest

~ ~ ~

A day spent primarily in the kitchen — successful so far.

Tomorrow is “turkey day!”

Company coming, preparations well underway, table and serving dishes planned and labeled, recipes and ingredients partially prepped and triple-checked, cooperative husband ventured to the stores for last-minute things, phone ringing frequently, warmhearted wishes arrived in the mail…

…a satisfying day!

My wish for the world is a day with minimal negative news, more folks than usual feeling fed and loved, fewer folks feeling lonely, and little delights shared all ’round!