word games, word play, toads!

haiku for today:

twiddle dee, twiddle

not! There is so much alive —

seizing the day, seek!

~ ~ ~

Do you like to play word games?  When you are asked that question, what comes to mind?

I like word games, nearly all sorts of word games.

NPR’s A Way With Words is a show I hope to contribute to, call in to one day.  Have you ever called in to the show?

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One ‘trick’ I use frequently when trying to think of words, or make word associations, is to go through the alphabet in my mind.  For example, if I were trying to rhyme words with the word ‘toad’ I might “think” like this:

A = abode, a la mode

B = bode (doesn’t bode well)

C = code, Morse code

D =ado’d (as in “I adored you” with a southern accent???) bad, bad, bad…

E = erode

F =?

G = goad, geode

H = hoed (hoe that field!)

I = implode

J = ?

K =”he knowed it” (poooooor English, but it is used all too often)

L = load, mother lode

M = mode (modus operandi), a la mode

N = node

O = owed

P = ?

Q =?

R = road, rode

S = stowed,

T = toad, towed, toed the line

U = untoward (unto’ad) poorly pronounced???

V = vowed (but it ONLY works in print, pronunciation = incorrect!)

W = wowed (but it only works in print…), Whoa’d ??, woe (woed?)

X = ? [exude = close, but won’t quite work]

Y = y’owed (ya / you  owed) or even y’old with the /l/ barely pronounced (you old, ya old)???

Z = ?

~ ~ ~

Does this make you think I am completely crazy? Or does your mind work this way, too?

The internet offers many wonderful tools now to find more rhymes:

A quick check on Rhymer.com reveals a lot of words I did not think about:


Rhymezone.com offers a different way of listing:


And there are many other fun tools out there.

~ ~ ~

Of course, your next question might be, why ‘toad’?

My quirky answer = It’s been so warm the past few days that I have found myself wondering (as I walk around our backyard) whether or not I’ll see any toads, whether or not they’ll be teased out from winter hibernation?

~ ~ ~

I look forward to your ‘word play’ stories — please reply and share, thanks!