Hello world!

This is the “in development” stage future home of

many things “Holly”

*I wrote the above nearly 19 months ago! Today, Nov. 10, 2011, I am trying again!

“Better late than never” is an adage I believe in.

So here I am, later, and inspired today especially¬† by Shelly Terrell and hoping to join in her ‘bootcamp’:


Learning WordPress has been on my goals list for far too long.

I hope to use this particular site as my personal portfolio page, documenting ‘me’ and the many hats I wear.

Immediate goals with this blog are to figure out, learn, and remember to use (default if possible) a different font (is Calibri available? Verdana a probably second choice) and larger-sized font.¬† [My 56 year-old eyes don’t like working this way, having to use “CTRL+” to be able to function!]

Second immediate goal is to learn what I need to learn to avoid spammers access to this blog.

I am excited about the prospect of seeing this blog develop into a presence worth visiting; a place I want to return to, a place others will find worthy of returning to.

I am known to the online world by a few other monikers:




More to come!