if only each raindrop represented…

haiku for today:

positives parade

if given space to do so

+ + + open the terrain + + + + 

~ ~ ~

It’s been raining off and on all day today — from sprinkles to showers.

It’s been a day of more positives than negatives (hooray!).

  • My morning dental appointment and six-month cleaning = went well
  • My brother has officially been promoted to Senior VP of the company he’s worked long and hard for
  • I accomplished quite a few of my to-do tasks (better progress!)
  • My husband prepared a wonderful meal (gorgeous and delicious salad served with home-made stuffed manicotti and home-made spaghetti sauce)  Yummmmmm    [What a guy!]
  • My husband’s truck went in for ‘a problem with the transmission’ and we were preparing for bad, bad news… but $78 later = it was determined to be a minor problem and all is now well (hooray!)
  • I saw a red male cardinal at our feeder area this morning — that’s the 4th time we’ve seen him in three days (Hooray! I love the cardinals and hadn’t seen any for quite some time)
  • and I’m sure there are more things to be grateful for…

If only each raindrop represented a bit of positive news for the world…


how important are daily posts?

haiku for today (and a few extra to make up for recent no-post days):

Seeing red mourning

parade: caterwauling lies

across DMZ

~ ~ ~

late December moon’s

false smile jeers against blackdrop

lopsided guide home

~ ~ ~

stars spit sarcasm

like hypocrites in church pews

bared teeth grimaces

~ ~ ~

Brookside’s gardens glow

360 degrees

year-round delight!

 ~ ~ ~

rainbow strings at night

dolphins in pools of blue

cultivated glee

~ ~ ~

hard frost nips knuckles

curtain calls spotlight true verve

facsimiles banned!

~ ~ ~

[*haiku notes:  I’m bending the rules of haiku, developing my own haiku style ~ but finding the 5/7/5 (syllables per line) allows me to express the days’ experiences well]

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I do eclectic well.

Recent days have been filled with sunshine and rain, lightness and darkness, natural light and man-made lights, joys and sorrows.

All of this is perfect backdrop (or blackdrop) for year-end reflection, for new year planning and goal-setting.

I wonder whether anyone ‘gets’ similar meaning from my haiku, whether the general sense of what I’m writing to is coming through, whether when I reread these haiku months from now I will recall the driving forces behind them?

And I ponder whether it matters?

When I began this blog several weeks ago, I was determined to write at minimum one haiku per day.  I’ve already broken that pledge (but have written the equivalent of one haiku per day; does that count?).  Is it important to write each day?  My answer is “Yes!”  My reasons for this are that the purpose was to develop discipline, to develop my blogging voice beyond that of ‘just haiku’ (although the haiku experience has been rewardingly rich for me already), to improve my proficiency in using WordPress.

So I will re-commit to trying, no matter how weary, to post at least one haiku per day, to work toward one haiku PLUS a worthwhile blog post per day. And I will try to write earlier in the day.

Time will tell; it always does.