hindsight, foresight

haiku for today:


warm? Unreasonably scarred.

Yesterday once more?

~ ~ ~

Most likely because I haven’t been traveling far from home much recently, but have been watching the squirrels and birds in our yard more than usual, I find myself drawing parallels — parallels of events, emotions, encounters, and experiments from my life to that of the wildlife I observe.

While I ponder these parallels, I am living through some very ‘perpendicular’ (crossroads) experiences.

What kind of mathematical analysis do you suppose birds and squirrels quarrel over?



backyard birds

haiku for today:

crisp emerald moss,

scarlet nandina sprigs = hints:

southern holiday!

~ ~ ~

Are you a birdwatcher?  I find watching nuthatches, the tufted titmouse (do we say titmice?), chickadees, Carolina wrens, goldfinches, downey & red-bellied & pileated woodpeckers, and other frequent visitors to our yard quite wonderful.

Of course, friendly squirrel shenanigans are entertaining, too.

As I grow older I find I enjoy birdwatching more and more.


Did you know that woodpeckers sometimes peck up to 12, 000 times per day?!!

[This site says they can!]

Trying to find some interesting sites and info, I found this fantastic site from the National Bird Feeding Society:


I find myself wondering how many young children pay attention to birds these days?

Maybe I’ll try and interest our neighbor’s children into birdwatching with me?