word associations, mist

haiku of the day:

morning mist off Long

Pond — soothes as lotion on skin

silken fantasy

~ ~ ~

I love words — which makes me a logophile — the sound of them as they’re rolled off the tongue (although I dislike the way ‘logophile’ and ‘ambiguity’ and many other words sound), the twisted meanings they can impart, the varied emphases given in the way words are delivered (verbally and/or in print).



Did you miss the mist off the lake this morning?  Missed mist!  The mist was a missed opportunity. Make no mistake, mist should not be missed.

When you first read the word ‘mist’ here today, what images did you conjure up?

Does the word ‘fog’ conjure up the same imagery?

The feel or view of mist takes me back to Long Pond, Lincoln, Maine — to a cabin on a lake, to a place I spent considerable time each summer of my childhood, to a place where arising early to sit on the dock and stare at the lake is a joy (to watch the morning mist roll oh-so-quietly off the lake and dissipate into a new day).

Fog is an entirely different matter!

– – –

I am not in Lincoln, Maine this morning, and have not been there for several years now, but that image and the peaceful feeling it brings me visited today.

And so I begin my day. . .