lunar tug-of-war

haiku for today:

lunar tug of war 

parallel universes

collide in my mind

~ ~ ~

Staring at the full moon I feel cosmic energy, feel as if my pulse is shared by some ‘something’ out there…

I feel these waves, waves of soothe and torment, soothe and torment, and the grit left behind to mull over needles me like the sand used to inside my bathing suit after a day on the beach.

Does the moon do that to you, too?



haiku of the day:

recipe for pre-

solstice appreciations:

walk in soft moon prints

~ ~ ~

a gorgeous moon out there tonight —


daughter and significant other friend here for a visit —

~ so nice to be with them

feeling very privileged today ~

loved ones to be with,

acceptable health,

tasty and abundant food,



lots of laughter,


time for walking,

for photo-sharing,

memory sharing ~


Feeling privileged…