barometers, barometric pressures

haiku for today:

sky strobe whirligigs

birds flying, firework arcs spray

 unrest at sunset

~ ~ ~

Odd day.

Walking to pick up the paper it was warm (warm!) at 7 a.m.

[It’s February, mind you.]

There are moths and other insects flying here and there.

[It’s February, I remind myself.]

Crocus and dandelions bloom near the mailbox.

[It’s February; this is really weird.]

An hour later, it rains.

Soon after that, the sun shines.

This afternoon, thunder and lightning… in February!!!

Later today, more sun, more warmth, strong winds.

At sunset, stronger winds and strange bird behavior.

Very odd day.


backyard birds

haiku for today:

crisp emerald moss,

scarlet nandina sprigs = hints:

southern holiday!

~ ~ ~

Are you a birdwatcher?  I find watching nuthatches, the tufted titmouse (do we say titmice?), chickadees, Carolina wrens, goldfinches, downey & red-bellied & pileated woodpeckers, and other frequent visitors to our yard quite wonderful.

Of course, friendly squirrel shenanigans are entertaining, too.

As I grow older I find I enjoy birdwatching more and more.

Did you know that woodpeckers sometimes peck up to 12, 000 times per day?!!

[This site says they can!]

Trying to find some interesting sites and info, I found this fantastic site from the National Bird Feeding Society:

I find myself wondering how many young children pay attention to birds these days?

Maybe I’ll try and interest our neighbor’s children into birdwatching with me?