Remembering Dad

My wonderful Dad died one year ago this week.

I’ve been thinking about him a lot, and wrote the following haiku:

Climb pine-scented trails

Sing silly songs, then listen

Echoes in my mind…

~ ~ ~

Mt. Katahdin high

replenishing view

addictive fresh breeze

~ ~ ~

Knife Edge, gleeful grin!

(not what you think)  “Careful, Tom,

Three children in tow!”

~ ~ ~

Unroll our blue tent 

wash basin, slippery soap

quiet campfire embers

~ ~ ~

skeeters, noseeums

tree peepers (frogs) supervise

tent zips, all is nigh.

flashlights out, chorus heard:

“Eagle Birdie stories, Dad!”

“Once upon a time…”

Witchhazel stars flirt:

sentinels in a clay field.

Alone, not lonely.

Can’t you just see him?

Oyster soup, Liederkranz cheese

dandelions, book.

~ ~ ~

Can’t you just hear him?

Toadside rables, chirds birping

…must be from New York!

~ ~ ~

Pine Barrens, green glass, 

swimming hole!, cranberry bogs.

Let’s go!  Thank you, Dad…

For those readers who may not have had the privilege of knowing my Dad, these lines may make no sense.

For those of you who did know my Dad, I hope some of these trigger happy memories, a smile, a laugh.

I miss my Dad…


Your reactions, questions, suggestions welcome ~

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