sperm donors, intentional gatherings

Today’s haiku:

Lost in the masses,

adrift in a pile of leaves.

Are you my Daddy?


Log on, register.

I must be from strong woodstock

Will I ever know?


find siblings galore?


That’s all they’ll tell me…

~ ~ ~

Today’s haiku were inspired by an NPR show I listened to yesterday evening, a show exploring issues related to children born via sperm donorship. I woke up this morning still pondering some of the points raised, the questions raised, the challenges growing.

What a world we live in!

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, many families are planning intentional gatherings of various sorts.

Can you imagine an intentional gathering of 70+ children — children spawned from sperm from the same donor, one singular donor — and their extended families?!  Yieeeeee!

What a world we live in. . .