Nudgemail, caffeine, haiku


Just the day before yesterday (very late at night, close to midnight!) I posted that I would try to not miss a day for haiku —

and then I missed yesterday!

haiku for January 5th and 6th:

morning dew? frost?  what

constitutes aviary

daily “caffeine” treats?

~ ~ ~

aspirin Rx

homeopathic headache

remedy equals _____?

~ ~ ~

Do you know this service?

Otherwise known as (in my book) Lifesavers! — Management tool numero uno — fantastic! — greatly appreciated.

A very handy service; check them out and tell me if you don’t agree?

I learned of them through the prolific writer / sharer / many-things-man Chris Brogan a year ago.  I didn’t use Nudgemail much for awhile, but in recent weeks am learning to appreciate it more and more.

Rather than blather on about my experience, I would rather you check it out. It is one of the simplest tools I know of but also one that is easing my life, my time management, my to-do follow-ups, and more.

Hope you’ll find it useful, too.


Your reactions, questions, suggestions welcome ~

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