physical exertion needed!

haiku for today:

Which animals might

have sore buns? Even the sloth

hangs rather than sits…

~ ~ ~

As the ELLwithHolly page on this blog explains, I have been incredibly busy these past many days, developing a language learning site using the Ning platform.

I purchased a nifty adjustable computer stand

And I use it on top of tables and/or serving stands — it allows me to stand up and work.

So I sit, then stand, then sit.

Sometimes I use my exercise ball:

But still… working (often) nearly non-stop from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. means that my rump is sore! My neck is sore! My shoulders and feet and legs and back are sore!

I need physical exertion!

And the time crunch is intense — balancing:

  • responsibilities to spouse and parents and home
  • private tutoring appointments with local ELLs (English Language Learners)
  • co-moderating a five-week online professional development workshop Jan. 9 to Feb. 12
  • ** (Registration is now open; check out this year’s offerings!!)
  • ¬†editing a book (for a friend who hopes to publish)
  • job-hunting (in case the new site I hope to launch soon does not result in sufficient success; to keep all options open)
  • volunteer commitments with AIWR (Alliance for International Women’s Rights)
  • trying to find time to continue to saving pages from (my ‘life’ for the past 3+ years; the site will be shutting down soon) using Firefox’s extension Scrapbook — an awesome tool that I highly recommend!
  • and more!

Life is indeed full. An apt way to begin a new year, don’t you agree?