Remembering Dad

My wonderful Dad died one year ago this week.

I’ve been thinking about him a lot, and wrote the following haiku:

Climb pine-scented trails

Sing silly songs, then listen

Echoes in my mind…

~ ~ ~

Mt. Katahdin high

replenishing view

addictive fresh breeze

~ ~ ~

Knife Edge, gleeful grin!

(not what you think)  “Careful, Tom,

Three children in tow!”

~ ~ ~

Unroll our blue tent 

wash basin, slippery soap

quiet campfire embers

~ ~ ~

skeeters, noseeums

tree peepers (frogs) supervise

tent zips, all is nigh.

flashlights out, chorus heard:

“Eagle Birdie stories, Dad!”

“Once upon a time…”

Witchhazel stars flirt:

sentinels in a clay field.

Alone, not lonely.

Can’t you just see him?

Oyster soup, Liederkranz cheese

dandelions, book.

~ ~ ~

Can’t you just hear him?

Toadside rables, chirds birping

…must be from New York!

~ ~ ~

Pine Barrens, green glass, 

swimming hole!, cranberry bogs.

Let’s go!  Thank you, Dad…

For those readers who may not have had the privilege of knowing my Dad, these lines may make no sense.

For those of you who did know my Dad, I hope some of these trigger happy memories, a smile, a laugh.

I miss my Dad…


daily haiku returns?

March 2017 update:  *** Please visit   ***


ergonomics or

old age? spirit young, body

aches, smile on my face!

~ ~ ~

Life is busy, life is full.

Months go by and I yearn to write here on this blog.

Today I did!

The urge to write grows stronger every day, but the discipline to prioritize time in this space does not keep pace! has been a passion, is a passion, is a joy.

[We celebrated our one year anniversary February 1, 2013]

Despite all that challenges my life, I hope to return here on a more frequent, if not daily, basis.

Stay tuned?!


Hello world!




…My three words for 2012, are still going strong…

swirling in circles!

Life is full — of friends, family, challenges, joys, sorrows, time-management pressures.

As I have blogged about before and likely will again, LEWWP consumes many hours of most of my days.

Aging parents and associated issues there consume many hours a week, too.

Interconnecting and separated circles of responsibilities, self-care, professional development, start-up-related must-dos, mundane daily routines, friends, flowers, and more make for rarely a dull moment!

Online communication has become the largest circle in my life.

Is that a positive?  Yes.  Most of the time my answer is an emphatic YES.

The photo above has a lot of meaning for me, and it is my selected artifact for a course I am presently enrolled in, a course titled “Facilitating Online Learning.”

We have an assignment to post an artifact.

As I understand this assignment, this is my chosen artifact.

Circles, interacting, separating, coming together again, overlapping, fading, growing stronger, expanding, shrinking, expanding again, multiplying, re-connecting, bouncing, rolling with the punches = 


Google+ Circles

As these circles interconnect, their circumference lines bump and meld = personal, professional, private, open.

The roles I take on, the hats I wear, morph:   administrator, friend, learner, founder, facilitator, wife, mother, daughter, neighbor, gardener, professional, amateur, consumer, proprietor, credentialed, credentialer, taxpayer, community advocate, global citizen advocate, traveler, work-at-home, online community manager, more.

As I try, and trust, and treasure, the circles of my life bobble like bubbles, gently nudging one another out of the way, sometimes merging to form one larger circle, sometimes dividing into so many tiny bubbles/circles that I feel like a hopeless juggler!

The more I try, the more treasures I appreciate.  The more treasures I appreciate (and these treasures come in many forms, tangible and intangible), the more I am able to trust.

~ ~ ~

Lest you think I forgot…

Haiku for today: June 9, 2012

Life’s loop-de-loops spin,

hover, drop, enlarge, tease, pop

certain circles Venn

the woodpeckers strut!

haiku for today:

Men do have their way

woodpeckers flirt, strut, sashay

~ no writers’ block there

~ ~ ~

Spring has sprung!

Mating birds sing, croon, swoop, courting madly.

Long walks, contemplation, which direction shall my energies target next?

cherry blossoms in mid-March?

Haiku for today:

drifting gently, forced

by summer temps to display

premature glory

~ ~ ~

Summer in mid-March.

Somehow disturbing…

Slow-motion fast-forwarded = Walking around downtown today, hour by hour you could see visible unfurling of leaves, buds.  Decidedly odd.


haiku for today:

bulge, bluster, blunder 

marching to the tune of go

sewing future seams

~ ~ ~

Remember the story of the little train that could?

Yes, you can.

YES, you can.

Yes, YOU can.

Yes, you CAN.

Yes you can.

You can.



~ ~ ~

Remember Monopoly?


~ ~ ~

Random late evening thoughts, which may make sense only to moi.




~ ~ ~

Today was a better day.

lunar tug-of-war

haiku for today:

lunar tug of war 

parallel universes

collide in my mind

~ ~ ~

Staring at the full moon I feel cosmic energy, feel as if my pulse is shared by some ‘something’ out there…

I feel these waves, waves of soothe and torment, soothe and torment, and the grit left behind to mull over needles me like the sand used to inside my bathing suit after a day on the beach.

Does the moon do that to you, too?

melting aliens

haiku tribute to today:

melting alien

(snow creature) greets daffodils

who welcomes you home?

~ ~ ~

sunshine, blue skies, birds singing  — but — overload of work, stuffed head, insufficient sleep

fun surprises from friends, fun posts on LEWWP — but — sad news from others, dishes piled high near the sink

Balancing ~

My three words for the year:   try    trust    treasure

I try.   [and yet there is no respite from this challenge…]

I trust that I will find a better balance.

I treasure each moment of life that brings a smile, try to seek them frequently, and trust they’ll be within my field of vision, within my mind’s reach.


The title of this post does have a story!

haiku for today:

frogs croaking, crocus

heralding rise and shine smiles,

Bah! Humbug! false hopes.

~ ~ ~