~ the power of believing in a dream…

haiku for today:

tasty treats, sunshine,

supportive spouse, friends, siblings

wise owls watching me…

~ ~ ~

For the past 26 days I have been working nearly around the clock developing a Ning site, a website for anyone 17 and older interested in learning English or facilitating the learning of English.

Approximately one hour ago the site launched for a two-week test run.

What does this mean?

The site is only visible to registered members until February.  On the first of February the site will be public for the world to view (unless — but I don’t even want to think about it — unless too many things go wrong during the next two weeks.

If you want to be among the test pilot group, please head on over to http://EnglishWorldWide.ning.com and attempt to register!!!

I do have the settings set so that I must approve all new members.  So after you complete the registration, it may take me a few hours (I do need to sleep!) to approve your registration.

After February 1, the site will be visible for you to preview before registering.

Questions?  Contact me on Skype (Smilin7).

Hope to see you there soon,



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