Eye drops; who’d a thunked it?!

haiku double play for today:

squirrely eagle-eyed

blue jay targets stale bread cubes,

avoids fresh suet

~ ~ ~

obstinate maker

of excuses learns: 3 daily

drops bring clarity

~ ~ ~

The first haiku above was written while sitting in the waiting area for my annual eye exam, the second was written after the exam.

It was very apparent during the first few minutes of “What letters do you see / can you read” that something was very wrong (my husband has been prodding me to schedule this eye exam because he has been noticing that my vision is definitely not what it used to be, even with my glasses on).

Mentally brainstorming all the possible bits of bad news the opthamologist might give me, I was quite surprised when the examiner swung the machine away from me and spoke, “I’m going to try one drop in each eye” and then proceeded to put one drop of Optive Refresh in each of my eyes.

After waiting a moment or two, she repeated the very same sequence of testing she’d just gone through — and the results were quite different!

I had no clue that eyedrops for dryness could make a difference in my vision!!!

The opthamologist explained that it was akin to oil spots on a windshield; you could still see through the windshield, but the overall clarity was definitely impaired.

Huge difference!  I am now convinced that I WILL remember to use the eyedrops 3 or 4 (or more) times daily!

Hope this helps someone else, too —


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