if only each raindrop represented…

haiku for today:

positives parade

if given space to do so

+ + + open the terrain + + + + 

~ ~ ~

It’s been raining off and on all day today — from sprinkles to showers.

It’s been a day of more positives than negatives (hooray!).

  • My morning dental appointment and six-month cleaning = went well
  • My brother has officially been promoted to Senior VP of the company he’s worked long and hard for
  • I accomplished quite a few of my to-do tasks (better progress!)
  • My husband prepared a wonderful meal (gorgeous and delicious salad served with home-made stuffed manicotti and home-made spaghetti sauce)  Yummmmmm    [What a guy!]
  • My husband’s truck went in for ‘a problem with the transmission’ and we were preparing for bad, bad news… but $78 later = it was determined to be a minor problem and all is now well (hooray!)
  • I saw a red male cardinal at our feeder area this morning — that’s the 4th time we’ve seen him in three days (Hooray! I love the cardinals and hadn’t seen any for quite some time)
  • and I’m sure there are more things to be grateful for…

If only each raindrop represented a bit of positive news for the world…


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