‘calamity’ known in advance…

haiku for today:

caw, caw, caw! scritch, scratch.

late morning frost lingers till

noon ~ numb fingertips!

~ ~ ~

For three and a half days now I’ve been carrying the heavy weight of knowledge of an impending ‘calamity’ of sorts — one that I am helpless to stop, one that will cause me grief, will mean a life-change, and which I am not open to divulging/sharing yet.  It’s a very unsettling feeling. Others are involved — others with whom I’ve been avoiding contact — also unsettling.

And where will the dust settle?

As people wish me “Happy ‘holly’-days” and we approach another new year, and I carry this heavy burden, it’s all very awkward.  I’m not accustomed to putting on false faces, do not carry a poker face very well.  So avoidance has been my game, a game with no enjoyment.

Life is full of challenges. . . may we all meet them with grace. . .


Your reactions, questions, suggestions welcome ~

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