seasonal arrangements

haiku for today:

sap-sticky fingers

fern fronds shelter red berries

balsam joy bouquets

~ ~ ~

So much to learn…

I’ve been trying to add a Twitter button with my name and count the above to my sidebar, along with my 3 most recent tweets — and I’ve been flunking.  and flunking.  and flunking.

But calmly flunking, which is something I take pride in. It takes a lot to really ruffle me when it comes to minor glitches with technology. This is quite contrary to a few years ago when nearly every little glitch spiraled into panic.

I have learned a lot. I will continue to do so. But maybe not tonight 🙂

I’m learning, too, that I should not wait until late at night to write my daily posts.  So new discipline required — to begin earlier in the day.  I know I should be able to learn how to write a few posts ahead and then schedule them for delayed publishing.  But at this point I want the daily discipline. Brain burnout tonight. . .

~ ~ ~

A favorite pastime of mine is floral arranging. Today I prepared three arrangements of fragrant evergreens, replete with pine cones, red berries, tiny adornments, dried flowers, balsam, white pine, holly, juniper, more.

Tomorrow I will deliver them!

holiday ‘holly-days’ and traditions. . .

~ ~ ~



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