Greek yogurt drizzled with honey and…

haiku for the day:

goldfinches feasting 

nyger seed fireworks shower

cardinals below

~ ~ ~

delectable seeds for the birds,

delectable dessert for us!

My dad and I enjoyed a phenomenal dessert today at Aroma’s Moroccan Cafe in Charlottesville, VA.

We didn’t want baklava (too sweet for us, although their special baklava with pistachios sounds like I may have to try it on another day.

We opted for yogurt — creamy, rich, fabulous yogurt — a generous dollop served in a shallow, oval bowl.

On top of the yogurt = a splash of rose water (I think), a light drizzling of honey, a generous array of dried apricots (moist dry apricots = oxymoronic but I hope you’ll know what I mean = sliced in thin strips), cranberries, almonds, more.



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