making pleasant happen

haiku for today:

composting red worms

released to moist garden soil

child’s recess, playground!

~ ~ ~

Days filled with eclectic tasks, planned and surprising, are the best medicine I know for pulling oneself out of the doldrums.  Today was one of those days for my husband and me.

Beginning with a family phone call that ended well, followed by the doorbell with an interesting UPS delivery: a box of 1,000 red composting worms!

As the day progressed, and the weather turned warmer, I followed the instructions, ‘watered’ the worms, dug holes in the center of our garden, dumped a clump of wriggling worms in, covered them with wet newspaper topped with more wet dirt, and repeated that process in five places.  Hopefully they will feel right at home, will do their thing, and reward us with exceptional soil in the spring and for years to come!

My husband and I then went for a long hike in the woods near our home, loppers and pruning shears in hand, on the hunt for cut evergreens and pretty dried flowers and berries — for holiday swags, arrangements, decoration.

With only partial success from our walk, we hopped in the truck and headed out for more rural areas, returning a couple of hours later laden with a satisfying assortment. (photos to follow soon).

Resting for awhile, I read a few more pages of a book I am enjoying very much, and I’ve only read to page 44 out of 271: Little Bee — and realized I have yet another new author to follow (Chris Cleave).

Then we created our “tree”~ please see my blog post from last year for more details

I’ll share photos of this year’s (even better) result soon.

Tonight, we decorated our tree, after a ‘clean out the frig’ smorgasbord dinner, playing holiday music (mainly Kenny G) as we hung ornaments.

We spent a few moments catching up with our Jacquie Lawson advent cards, too.

Of course, I’m leaving out several hours worth of other work, but suffice it to say there were enough pleasant moments to be able to call it a much better day than yesterday.

Season’s greetings to all —


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