exploding arrows, imploding arrows

haiku of the day:

this way, that way.  here.

there. every which way. Look!

leaves, squirrels, birds, kindness.

~ ~ ~

Do this!  Do that! 

It’s your fault!  It’s my fault! Whose fault is it?

Relax. Let it go. Find balance. Don’t sweat it.

It’ll get better. Give it time.

Grinch. Santa Claus.

To-do lists. Ta-done lists. More to-do lists.

Obligations. Priorities.


I am guessing that anyone reading this post can identify with at least some of the above words and phrases.

As a dean I used to work for used to say, frequently, “Be kind.”


It’s a nice word, kindness. A gentle word.

It’s there, somewhere. It’s here, within each of us.

It’s here, within me, though does tend to get lost sometimes…


Your reactions, questions, suggestions welcome ~

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