haiku of the day:

freshly falling rain

dampens suet, cleanses birds,

but deters them not!

~ ~ ~

My mind works in odd ways!

Years ago I owned and operated floral shops.

This morning I woke up thinking that flower shops today could install a photo station — varied backdrops, good lighting, a rotating (lazy Susan-style) display tray –a designated employee or several employees could be responsible for photographing and uploading images to a slideshow tool ( or other).  From standard designs to elaborate exquisite creations could be photographed, priced, and shared on a shop website.

Order ahead info could be sent with confidence in the end result being satisfactory (photos are from the actual shop, not from an expensively, professionally prepared, glossy catalog that is the same in all shops.

Additionally, a computer station with a webcam ready to go and set up in a place where the backdrop and lighting would allow for “show and tell” when potential customers came in to the store.

In this way, a customer could call in on Skype, clerks could show flowers, containers, other merchandise, designed and ready-to-go arrangements — and ‘sell’ over the computer!

I haven’t visited the ‘back room’ (design room, office) of a florist in a few years; I’m sure a lot has changed, sure a lot is the same / similar.

I googled “florist and web-camera and “today’s cooler selection” and a few other search terms, but couldn’t find any florists advertising this way yet.

The internet and technology tools make so many things new and possible.

I will be researching this more, ‘someday’ and perhaps sharing some ideas with floral shops whose work I admire and who might be receptive.

Over and out for now,




Your reactions, questions, suggestions welcome ~

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