I’m a Jacquie Lawson fan…

haiku of the day:

impressions: footprints

in wet mats of leaves linger,

mellow, disappear

~ ~ ~

Frosty mornings, sunshine, walks through wet leaves. . .

Have you ever noticed how sometimes a footprint in a mat of wet leaves will change, seem to enlarge before it ‘disappears’ as the sun dries the leaves?

[This was my morning experience that prompted the above haiku.]

A friend (Thanks, Jane!) sent me a JacquieLawson.com card a few years ago, knowing that I loved flowers

a sample

…and that I appreciated artistic effort.  Since receiving that card, I’ve paid for a membership on the site and have sent several of the cards.  I love flowers and there are several cards especially rich with flowers. Her animated cards dance and delight.  The advent holiday cards are exquisite treasures, true gifts, and at a bargain price.

I do not plan to use this blog as a place to regularly promote products, but periodically may share exceptional experiences I’ve had. JacquieLawson.com is one such provider.

Please visit her site and preview one of her cards.  You may find yourself as ‘hooked’ as I have been.

Disclaimer:  Jacquie Lawson did not directly, nor have any of her employees, asked me to write this post. I will not earn any sort of bonus an incentive.


Your reactions, questions, suggestions welcome ~

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