haiku for today:

Alaskan darkness

power outage blankets all


~ ~ ~

Early this morning text message received:  “Do U have any power?”

Jumped out of bed to discover the answer was “No!”

Our house was very cold — very cold!

No electric, cold house, no lights, no water, no heat. No coffee.

Brrrrrrr!  Looked outside, saw a Virginia Dominion power truck parked in our neighbor’s driveway.

Soon, two more trucks appeared!

Two hours later, still no power, no coffee, no shower, no internet, and I was scheduled to teach an online class — soon thereafter — and with a new student to boot!

So I phoned my parents, who live a few miles away, and soon packed up my things, hopped in my car, and drove to their place.

I almost made it online on time — luckily for me the student was understanding, and waited patiently while my computer warmed up, recharged, and we began our class only a few minutes late.

…and speaking of late, it’s now 11:58 p.m., and I’m trying so hard to post daily!

…to be continued —

(back the next night, to finish my story)

As I tried not to whine my way through the day, I reflected on how privileged and lucky I am to not be cold daily, to have a support network in place, to have access to the internet most of the time, to have a car with which to drive to my parents, to have my parents still alive, to have the water to take a shower most of the time, to have a shower! …and so on!  What’s a few hours of no electricity?  Just a minor blip in the luxury of my life.


Your reactions, questions, suggestions welcome ~

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