book review: The Twitter Job Search Guide

haiku for today:

cherry blossoms flout

the season ~ showy in late

November shadows

~ ~ ~

An unseasonably balmy day today.  November 28th and no need even for a sweater!  And, yes, several cherry trees in bloom, an odd sight for this time of year in Charlottesville, Virginia!

~ ~ ~

Confession:  I have an overdue book on loan from the local library.

Recommendation: The Twitter Job Search Guide [Susan Britton Whitcomb, Chandlee Bryan, Deb Dib]

If you are, if you know of someone who is seeking a job, seeking a change in jobs, seeking to hire, seeking to help encourage and assist anyone who is job-hunting, teaching / facilitating job interview classes then I highly recommend this book!

The link above will let you preview some pages.  I’ve been ‘devouring’ chapters here and there, rereading (re-skimming) and jotting down new notes with each read.

I will (I must) return this book tomorrow and gladly pay the 75 cent fee I’ll owe.

I have ordered my own copy.

The book is inviting, accessible, clearly outlined and cross-linked, chock-full of quick and easy-to-follow tips (many of which are not very relevant to my immediate interests / needs, many of which are very relevant.  Explore the book cover to cover or seek out the chapters that appeal most to you.

I may just order extras as gifts.  A very worthwhile resource for those of us who still like “book-books” even if the topic is technology-related!




2 thoughts on “book review: The Twitter Job Search Guide

  1. Take a look at the index (from the Amazon link in my post) and review the chapter headings. The book’s focus is on using Twitter — and a resume or cover letter in 140 characters or less is indeed a challenge!

    However, there are numerous tips on how Twitter can help you reinforce the power of your cover letter and/or resume, and to tips for fine-tuning your cover letter and resume.

    Whether you use Twitter to locate resources, seek connections and tips within and specific to fields of personal interest (librarians! Have you searched #librarian or #librarians on Twitter?), or in myriad other ways, this book will guide you, inspire you, ‘hold your hand’.

    Thanks for visiting my blog post,

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