apples, leaves, graffiti, Rapture; raking it in

haiku for today:

russet, tawny, taupe —

raked, mulched, spread on sunny days

savored with apples

~ ~ ~

Saturdays are days I try to free up for time with my husband.  Today we ventured out early — for a walk in the yard

— then to downtown Charlottesville, to visit friends, check out the half-price books sale, see what the Occupy Charlottesville folks were up to, stop at a bead shop, an eco shop, and eat lunch at Rapture (delicious, especially enjoyable since we had a $30 worth of food for $15 coupon!), check out the new graffiti mural (see photo), buy some staymen apples, another stop to buy a new rake, and head home again —

Once home, we spent two and a half exhausting hours outdoors raking and mulching leaves, satisfying work. Next comes applesauce (time to make a mess in the kitchen!

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I hope your Saturday was productive and pleasant, too.



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