Carrot soup!

haiku for the day:

blustery gusts groove

wind and tempers — transitive

clouds and moods dispersed

~ ~ ~

I enjoy combining recipes, ‘doctoring’ for adventure.  Do you?

Carrot soup:

a bit of olive oil used to saute garlic, onion, ginger, finely chopped celery, black pepper, parsley, 1 large grated potato, 7+ grated carrots

I added a bit of water as the oil was absorbed; the water softened the nice brownings from the bottom of the pan and this added nice flavor to the stock.Cooked a few minutes.

one vegetable boullion cube added, then more water, then some milk and ground almonds

Using a handheld blender I pureed it.

The result was tasty, especially on a blustery day.

*next time I’ll try adding a parsnip, too…

Do you have a recipe for carrot soup?  What should I try adding next time?

~ ~ ~




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