the yin and yang of it all…

haiku for today:


fragility floats

cobwebs in soft breezes waft

ambulance chasers

~ ~ ~

My mind is still swirling with ways to develop yesterday’s post and I will somehow find the time to return to that.

How do daily bloggers keep up the pace?  I need to reread the saved posts of Chris Brogan’s I have stored in my gmail folder, for advice, solace, inspiration.

Today I’m running somewhat behind my usual over-ambitious schedule of planned tasks and commitments, but determined to post each day until I find my rhythm.

Today, already, I’ve felt pulled, plunged, prodded, on lots of levels.

Very early this morning I finished a book [Midwives, by Chris Bohjalian].  Last night I was simply too sleepy but I awoke ‘needing’ to see it to the end. There is a phrase often quoted by Unitarian-Universalists and others, “Just to question is an answer,” and Midwives is one of those books that leaves me with lots of questions. An interesting read, but not a story to easily let go of…

Have you read this book?  Did you react differently?

The usual 100+ emails in my morning inbox, this morning’s classes, this morning’s voicemail messages have all added to my mind’s disarray.

And so another day in the life of Holly progresses…






Your reactions, questions, suggestions welcome ~

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