whoa! oh! so far to go!

Writing, reading, pondering haiku settles me.

So I’m going to begin by composing a haiku:

myriad leaves fall

like post-its of to-do tasks

helter-skelter awe


Now I feel better.

Before I composed the above, I glanced out my window (at the leaves drifting and dancing) and at this:

Here’s a list of 9 first step type goals that I suggested to him that might be a good place to start:

  1. Publish 10 Posts
  2. Getting your first comment from someone you don’t know
  3. Get your first link from another blog
  4. Build your readership up to more than 20 readers a day
  5. Hit a level of 20 RSS subscribers
  6. Getting your blog indexed in Google
  7. Get your blog earning $1 a week (update: only if making money from your blog is one of your goals – it’s not for everyone
  8. First guest post on another blog
  9. Having someone (not you or your mum) tweet about your blog


…and I decided that rather than panic at all I have to learn (mind you, I thought my main learning curve with maintaining a viable blog on WordPress would be the HTML and google-analytics type of stuff.  Reading this “start small” (ha!) list of Shelly’s, I realize my journey will be even richer.

As a general rule, I like challenges.

My mind is spinning with ‘post-it leaves’ and snippets of thoughts spinning in my mind at this 10:29 a.m. moment in time are:

*study French!

*must leave for mom’s soon

*Inspired by Carla Arena, David Rosen, Larry Ferlazzo, Pat Russo, Jay Button, Emily Lites, Gary Carkin, Chris Brogan, Shelly Terrell, Nik Peachey, Donna Watkins, [oh, so many others] **MUST insert links to their pages here!

*add Twitter and LinkedIn Links

* LinkedIn: must learn to use properly and update my profile there

* Google+  I want to learn; how, how, how, how to find the time?!

* tomorrow = Pepero (sp?) day!  Must post about it again

* link to EnglishCafe!

* organize WP — add “hats”:   poetry / ESOL online / process drama / TESOL / EnglishCafe / Charlottesville / Korea / language learning (French, Korean) / fitness (OESH, Zumba, Bosu) / family? / techtools / photography / “CV” / travel / intentional dialogue / UU?/ volunteering / job hunting / soft skills / motivation (hope/despair)

* housework!

* bills to pay

…and so many more!

When I think of any of the above categories I would like to (I will) add to this blog, there are so many more than 10 posts’ worth!  It will be easy to reach that goal!

must dash away from this dashboard now — need more time!

I will be back!


Your reactions, questions, suggestions welcome ~

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